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Information Security Lab is a pool of professional people with more than 30 years experience in digital security and data protection

We are engaged in developing software on mobile platforms to protect privacy and personal data

The security level is maximum guaranteed  by the application of the best existing and robust standards in term of security of the process managed

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Q-ID is the solution for end users to overcome daily-life problems associated with the use of passwords. Q-ID protects data - passwords, bank accounts, codes, private data and messages - with the strongest passwords with no need to fix all of them in mind. With Q-ID APP – available for Smartphones, Tablets and PCs – users will be able to protect their privacy from any attack.

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Library Q-ID Controller is an OTP manager that allows companies to provide end users with One Time Passwords on any device they prefer. Library Q-ID Controller is universal, multi provider, free for the Service Provider, for getting trial or small business license up to 5 end users managed

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